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Sinners! Go to Jesus!

Oh, that I knew how to lead you to seek my Lord and Master; for if you seek him he will be found by you as surely as you seek him. Christ has not lost the heart of his compassion; he is not cold in heart or slack in hand. Go to him at once. I spoke just now to some of the chief of sinners, and I say to them again — Go to Jesus! Let me speak to some of you who are not the chief of sinners, you who have been hearers of the gospel and have only failed because you do not believe in Jesus. Go to him at once. You are backward, but he is not. He must still work, and still work while the gospel day lasts, for that gospel day will soon close. He is waiting and watching for you. Oh, come to him — come even now. “I do not know what it is to come,” one says. Well, to come to Christ is simply to trust him. You are guilty: trust him to pardon you. “If I do that,” one says, “may I then live as I did before?” No, that you cannot, for if a ship needed to be brought into harbour, and they took a pilot on board, he would say to the captain, “Captain, if you trust me, I will get you into harbour all right. There, let that sail be taken down.” And they do not reef it. “Come,” he says, “attend to the tiller, and steer as I tell you.” But they refuse. “Well,” says the pilot, “you said you trusted me.” “Yes,” says the captain, “and you said that if we trusted you, you would get us into port; but we have not got into port at all.” “No,” says the pilot, “you do not trust me, for if you trusted me you would do as I tell you.” A true trust is obedient to the Lord’s commands, and these forbid sin. If you trust Jesus, you must leave your sins, and take up your cross and follow him. Such trust shall surely have its reward: you shall be saved now and saved for ever. ` C.H. Spurgeon

C.H. Spurgeon on Faith