The Spotless Spouse

“You are so beautiful, My beloved; there is no spot in you.” Solomon’s Song 4:7

“Ah!” I hear some timid, trembling believer say, “such a text can have nothing to do with me! I am the very opposite of all that is beautiful and spotless. The eyes of my soul have seen hideous sights within, which I can never forget; and I loathe myself and my sin so much that, though I believe God has forgiven me for Christ’s sake, I feel it impossible to take those precious words as addressed to one so sinful and imperfect.”

Yet, trembling soul, I would bid you take courage, and look up. Christ’s love for His people is marvelously set forth in this Song of Songs; and if you are a believer in Him, you must be part of that Church—as much His Bride and Spouse as the greatest saint, or most renowned disciple. The Master makes no difference between upper and lower servants in His household. The same price was paid to redeem the least lamb of the flock, as for the choicest sheep; the same precious blood was poured out to ransom the feeblest child of the great family, as for its strongest and most notable member.

Come, then, timid one, fear not to grasp the truth now put before you; delay not to rejoice in the blessed fact that you are indeed precious to the Lord; and when He says, “You are all beautiful, My beloved,” do not contradict Him by lamenting your blackness; but, rather, adoringly bow before Him in wonder at the miracle His love has wrought in you. It ill becomes the Bride of Christ to ignore His loveliness, which He has put upon her, and go about bemoaning the scars and blemishes which His great love overlooks and forgets. ~ Susannah Spurgeon, A Basket of Summer Fruit


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