A Feast for the Fainting

“I don’t want to send them away hungry, or they will faint along the road.” Matthew 15:32

Blessed Master, these compassionate words of Yours, give us such an assuring glimpse into Your heart of infinite love and grace, that we thank You for permitting them to be recorded in Your Book! They manifest You so clearly to our human comprehension, that in them we see, “as in a glass,” the reflection of Your Divine pity and power.

Now, will not some poor sinful, suffering, starving one take heart from the teaching of this miracle, and come at once to the compassionate Savior to have all need supplied? The more hungry you are, the greater will be your joy in being filled; and He has said, “I will not send them away hungry.” Trust Him, and be abundantly satisfied. My dear husband once happily said, “He may make us wait to awaken appetite, but He will not in the end dismiss us unfed.” So, let nothing discourage you. Sit on the ground before Him, as He bids you, until the basket comes round; or, if the disciples pass you by, venture to His side, and take the blessing straight from His loving hand. He will never chide you for trusting Him too much!

Unbelievers laugh to scorn our Scriptural confidence in an Omniscient God, who is also our tender Father. They ridicule the idea that He watches over us with Divinely parental solicitude, and Himself appoints and permits every event in our lives. But their derision does not alter or destroy the blessed fact, nor does it leave the least impression or disquietude on a believing heart. Yet it does distress us for their own sake.

While these “personal notes” were taking shape in my mind, and, in the multitude of my thoughts within me, this comfort of God was delighting my soul, I happened to see a sharp criticism of a popular author’s recent book, in which these words occurred—”brought up in the belief that Providence concerns itself with the petty details of their lives, in a manner most intimate and most improving—if chastening is improving.”

How my heart ached at the darkness and blindness of a man who could write like that! He would want none of my pity, I know; but I could not withhold it, nor could I rest until I had carried the matter before the Lord in prayer. Of course, I know there are thousands of people who are like-minded and skeptical; but that only increases my sorrow. To them, our loving, gracious God is simply “Providence itself;” -nothing more than a neutral agency, about which they know little, and care less; there is no personal tenderness—no near relationship—no “cords of a man, and bands of love,” which draw their souls irresistibly into the blessedness of His loving-kindness and tender mercy. We speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen. Today, God’s children can tell of deliverances as miraculous, of supplies as unexpected, and of dangers as certainly averted—as any of those recorded in the chronicles of the Kingdom! ~ Susannah Spurgeon, A Basket of Summer Fruit


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