A Paradox of Providence

“He brought us out, . . . that He might bring us in.” Deuteronomy 6:23

“Dear Lord, this is a paradox of Your providence, which both manifests and magnifies the glorious sovereignty of Your grace! Give us such true and tender trust in You, that Your “dealings” may never perplex or terrify us; but, rather, be the openings and discoveries of Your covenant love. Let us learn to read Your ways with us, as a skillful reader interprets a choice book, seeing the sentences in advance, as it were, and thus rendering a clear and continuous impression of the author’s mind and purpose.”

The lesson set before us may be, “He has torn, He has smitten,” “He makes sore, He wounds;” and, in our own experience, we may feel how painful is the truth thus taught. But if the eye of faith can discern the precious postscripts which follow, “He will heal,” “He will bind us up,” “His hands make whole,” we are strengthened to endure patiently the trial which is so sure to end in triumph; and we say, “Ah, Lord! You do but frown—to make Your smile the sweeter! You do kill— only that You may make alive! Blessed wounding, gracious suffering, which places us under the great Physician’s love and care!”

“Tis worth the tearing to be tended
By hands so gentle in their touch;
Pains and griefs are sweetly ended;
Can I praise You, Lord, too much?”

~ Susannah Spurgeon, A Basket of Summer Fruit


8 thoughts on “A Paradox of Providence

  1. yes, and in this way staying awake. His ways with man, yes!!

    I’ve never heard back from the pastoral assistant after sending her a link to the post I put together. And Tom hasn’t been feeling well, so I wasn’t in church yesterday to talk to her. This Thursday is Biible study (biweekly). If you were in this situation, would you attend?


    1. I would be afraid to…I have a tendency to open my big mouth… 😮

      Let God’s peace be your guide. Ask Him to show you what to do. And if you do go, ask for His grace to cover you and the bible study. I pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth about Shirer to the ladies and the pastor. That they may be convicted of the truth of God’s Word against what is being taught. Remember, precious sister, that you have already done what God showed you to do and now the ball is in their court. Praise be to God for whatever way He leads you… \o/

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