The Most Powerful Motive for Noble Living – Realizing Our Immortality

If there were to be no life after this brief existence—why should we deny ourselves and spend our strength in serving others? Why should we sacrifice our own ease and comfort—for the sake of those who are degraded and unworthy? How cold and hard all duty seems—without this motive! But when this truth of immortality comes and touches these austere duties—how they begin to glow! The certainty of a hereafter, bright with all manner of rewards and joys—is a wondrous inspiration! It does not matter, that there is no apparent result when we toil and sacrifice; that the word we speak seems to float away into oblivion; that the impression we seek to make on a life, fades out while we gaze. Somewhere in the long years to come—we shall find that not the smallest deed done for Christ, or the feeblest word spoken, or the faintest touch given—has been in vain. ~ Glimpses at Life’s Windows, J. R. Miller, 1880



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