A Quote from: Getting Help From Criticism

We ought to get profit from criticism. Two pairs of eyes should see more than one. None of us have all the wisdom there is in the world. However wise any of us may be, there are others who know some things better than we know them, and who can make valuable and helpful suggestions to us…

…No one’s knowledge is really universal. None of us know more than a few fragments of the great mass of knowledge. There are some things somebody else knows better than you do, however wide your range of learning may be. There are very humble people who could give you suggestions well worth taking on certain matters concerning which they have more correct knowledge than you have. If you wish to make your work perfect you must condescend to take hints and information from anyone and everyone who may be ready to give it to you. ~ J. R. Miller, 1894, Getting Help From Criticism


3 thoughts on “A Quote from: Getting Help From Criticism

  1. Great quote. Wisdom comes from God. Knowledge can come from a host of different sources. “Common sense” is a form of wisdom that doesn’t require a university degree.

    C. S. Lewis said that for every new book we read we should also read three old ones. Perhaps he said that because the writers of new books, however well written, are products of the same broken culture as the rest of us and therefore vulnerable to compromise. The quote you cited is an old one, but still very much relevant today.

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    1. Well said, Lloyd. We shouldn’t fear criticism. But we should take all criticisms to our Lord in prayer. I once heard it said that God will choose the least likely to do the most likely, meaning that we should disregard no one until we are sure that they were not sent by God for our betterment. God may very well send the one person we would least want to hear from!

      Have a God blessed day!~


  2. Albert Einstein famously said that” You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Today, many people cannot “see” God’s solutions to current cultural/family issues at a convicting soul-deep level, because they grew up in virtually the same broken culture. The brokenness has become a new norm. Seeing the “world anew” means understanding the total Biblical worldview from the Garden of Eden to the new heaven. Such holistic thinking is not commonly considered, because we’ve been taught to think analytically from kindergarten up through today.

    Viewed holistically, every modern cultural and family controversy defaults to the Biblical standard in a finger snap. That’s the overarching theme of my new book, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness: YOU Must Save America and the Family.” Excerpts are on my blog at lloydstebbins.com. Check it out. You’ll like what you see.

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