Affliction, Its Use And Benefits

…”Affliction comes not forth out of the dust, neither does trouble spring out of the ground,” but they are all sent in wisdom and love; and every circumstance, as to time and manner, is exactly ordered for the best. Were every circumstance more narrowly examined, it would doubtless give us a great insight into the wisdom and love of God in all his afflictive dispensations. God does not willingly afflict any of his children, but they always stand in absolute need, at the very time, of the very affliction which He sends. It could not be laid aside, not delayed, not altered for another, without great hurt and injury to the soul.

God’s designs in afflictions are various; but all are gracious, and for our good. He may intend to bring us to repentance for some past sins, as the three days’ pestilence was sent to humble David for numbering the people. Or, it may be to prevent our being taken in some dangerous snare, into which we may be in great danger of falling; and it is better to endure the heaviest affliction, than to carry about with us a guilty conscience. ‘Anything rather than sin,’ is the language of the Christian’s heart. Or it may be to exercise some grace, that it may thereby gain strength, and the soul be prepared for some trying circumstances into which it is soon to be brought; as was the case with Joseph. The trials with which he had been exercised, prepared him for his future exaltation, and some of them contributed to bring it about…~ Thomas Charles

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2 thoughts on “Affliction, Its Use And Benefits

  1. Afflictions are part of God’s plan for character growth. My late wife endured a neurodegenerative condition similar to Alzheimer’s disease. Her condition followed the same progression and ended the same way. I took care of her 24/7 for seven years until she left this life. Despite the obvious tragedy of her long slow decline, there were many incredible blessings along the way. Mercifully, there was little pain associated with her condition. For me, it was a monumentally life-changing experience that provided in part the inspiration for a book I’ve written, entitled, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness: YOU Must Save America and the Family.” Although the book is not directly related to her condition, caring for her fulltime for seven years produced the quantum leap of spiritual growth that made the book possible. Check it out at The book is about the decline and restoration of the American culture and the family.


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