“Behold, what manner of love…!”

66e9b1a0c629c344511f506bc6732992  ‘Behold, what manner of love!’Words, ofcourse, become meaningless at this point; there is nothing to do but to gaze upon it and to wonder at it all, to stand in amazement and in astonishment. Oh, the quality of this love! Just realise what it means, the freeness of it all, that you and I should be called and become children of God! The freeness of this love that has looked upon us in spite of our sin, in spite of our recalcitrance, in spite of our unworthiness, in spite of our foulness as a resuklt of the Fall and our own actions. Oh, the love that has not merely forgiven us but has given itself to us, that has entered into us and shared its own nature with us; stand in awe at the greatness of it all! Think of what it cost Him, our Lord Jesus Christ, to come into the world, to live in the world, suffering its treatment, staggering up Golgatha with that cross upon His shoulders and being nailed to the tree. Think of Him dying, suffering the agony and the shame of it all in order that you and I might become children of God.

‘Behold what manner of love’-you cannot understand it, you cannot explain it. The only thing we can say is that it is the eternal love, it is the love of God and is self-generated, produced by nothing but itself, so that in spite of us and all that is true of us He came and died and suffered so much. The Son of God became the Son of Man that we, the sons of men, might become the children of God. It is true, we are that; we have been made that. Amazing, incredible, yet true!  ~Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Life in Christ, Vol. 3, Children of God, Studies in 1 John, pg. 19


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