2 thoughts on “Amusements

  1. My apologies for not paying attention to the length of this video. I try to keep it short but I also do not listen to all videos through to the end that my brother posts on his YT channel since I pretty much trust what he uploads. That way it is new to me when the day comes. It is a good listen but not good for a quick devotion when listening to on a busy morning! Even if you listen to a few minutes of this video before you must start your day, you will be blessed. God bless you, listener, in this day’s toils and duties.


  2. Reblogged this on The X Mass H8rs Blog and commented:

    Even if our pleasurable amusements exalt God in our hearts and before others but it is in disobedience to God’s Word then we must stop it-it is an abomination to Him and is vain worship on our part.


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