A Musing on What God Never Intended

man-prayingGod’s perspective of what the condition of man is, is different than that of mankind. Let’s get one thing straight right now. That is this. God loves mankind. Unless people come to grips with this concept, they are lost in their very negative preconceptions of the very Source of their help and salvation, period.

God’s actions in history speak volumes. Even He tells us about it in the Bible. Men today still rant and rave about how they know more than He does. Seems to me He has been around a lot longer than they have. I think I would do better to listen to what He says any day, more than to listen to them (and try to comprehend their ideas and imaginations), and develop my capacity to hear Him instead, to my benefit. The endless arguments never cease to amaze me, of the critics that come before the footstool of this earth, pushing their various well-worn issues of complaints and suppositions of what they perceive to be the wrongs of God. They promote the lawyer’s defenses in such sloppy ways, that even our children can effectively pinpoint the faults in their thoughts. “Daddy, what is sin?” “Daddy why do we have to go through pain?” Daddy this and daddy that, on and on it goes. Does God lose patience? Would a father get tired of a repeated question, if he had answered it over a thousand times? And yet, as fathers of this world, we have patience with our children in their mental growth, don’t we?

God never intended pain in this world. He tells us that He never intended death, or sickness even. He had a wonderful idea of His direct contact in happiness forever for Adam and Eve. And, He even goes so far as to say, He has lain the foundation to take away the effects and consequences of their actions, and to restore an eternal dwelling place in His very perceived presence, without the “bad” things of this life! No more death. No more sorrow. He will personally wipe away every tear we shed, and He will be the Source of our light, nurturing, strength, and new life in a new heaven and earth in the future. And He says that will be forever, and He has been preparing a place for each of us in it! My word, isn’t that something to seek after? Even children know that! If all that the professors of this world can come up with is knowledge, inventions, answers in science, and imaginations of future bliss for future generations after the death and demise of themselves and their generations, isn’t the idea of eternity so much better with God, instead of their exclusions of Him?

Instead of criticizing God, why not work with Him? Why not knock on the laboratory door that is labeled “What God Intends For Mankind’s Future”. That’s it, isn’t it? Mankind’s future is bleak without God. When you add God to science, what an awesome creativity comes about! Confusion, yes, because we come from a confusing background, but we get the right and good answers when we look into God’s microscope, instead of the lies handed to us by the scientist’s narrow mindedness! God never intended mankind to go into an abyss of sin and consequences of death. God didn’t want pain, lack, or suffering. But, because He knows what we need in every case, He allows suffering to deal with our souls, to see if we are willing to come to Him and His throne in humility and clear reason, to receive the very honey of life we desire. Make no mistake about yourself, you are existing, you are going to exist, and, if you desire Him, you too can get to know Him like He wants. Then you won’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow’s meal, tomorrow’s living quarters, or tomorrow’s troubles. When He is the center of your life, and you know Him, you know Life itself. And Jesus Christ came to provide all of that! How foolish is the long line at the pump of the fuel of self-destruction today. People are still trying to strike out on their own to balance sin and desire with their almighty dollars, when God has much more than all the beef on the planet, and more to come.



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