The Love Jar

When my wife felt her patterns of emotional support and desired attention needed
focus, she let me know, one Christmas eve, what she wanted as a Christmas
present.  She read an article in a Christian magazine describing it, and she
knew we didn’t have much as newly weds, but that was definitely affordable by
anyone in her view.  As it just so happened, we were attending a church with
friends of married couples that were still in the semi-baby booming era, or so
it seemed, that supported one another in a very healthy spiritual environment.
So, working in private, without trying to let her know I bought the idea, I
planned away, working on buying the few materials to make what she had tasked me
with.  It was called “_______’s Love Jar” (fill in the blank of your spouse).  A
glass jar with a red gasket on top for pickling something, and a metal wire
clasp that locked to keep “freshness” in, would do the job of the container.  On
its top I wrote her name and what it was in red toll house paint.  Inside, I had
rolled about 100 mini-notes, about the size of a common small post-it notes
today, into scrolled-up items.  Around each, to keep them secure, I had tied
either a green or a red thread.  It came with instructions to her, which she
followed, cheerfully and faithfully.  Each note was to be opened, at random
choice, one per week, if needed, and in the case an extra occasional emergency
of heart-need, and I would comply with what it said was the outcome.  Upon each
note was a different commitment.  One I remember was one delivered flower, or
rose.  Another was a chore around the house, like one complete vacuuming or dish
washing.  Still another was a night out on the town, or a visit to a restaurant
of choice.  One was a ice cream cone, and another was at least ten kisses and a
snuggle time alone that night, or when requested.  It was an instant success.
She still loves it and cherishes it today, I just asked her about it, and she
told me she still has it stored lovingly in our treasured bins of memories.  It
had an unexpected impact on our church, however.  Somehow, all the women heard
about what I had done, and they were asking their husbands why they didn’t think
of something like that for themselves.  Oof, didn’t see it comin’.  No problem,
though, God seemed to want to work on, not just my heart that day to do
something for my wife, but on all the males in our church, too, right?

~Dave B. © 2012

Although I do not celebrate X-mass I wanted to pass this along because it makes a great gift idea for those we love at any holiday or milestone or “just because I love you” occasion. Thanks, Dave. God bless you and yours always!


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